Where we are?

The Listo Group has been building a history of rapid geographic growth. It began operations in Brazil in 2014 and in less than 4 years had nationwide coverage, with teams present in all of the states.

After this period of accelerated growth in Brazil, the Group decided to reorganize itself to facilitate international business expansion by incorporating in 2018, Listo Solutions in the United Kingdom, focusing on managing the Group’s investments and business expansion strategy.

From then on, the Group created a business unit dedicated to expansion in Latin America in 2019. This unit brings together experienced executives from the financial industry in the region who have directed investments in the development of a multinational technological platform.

The launch of the international platform took place in Argentina at the end of 2021. In recent years, Listo has implemented the business model created in Brazil and has been gaining more and more customers in Argentina.

Our international unit has been continually expanding. In 2023, it launched the platform in Mexico and has plans to expand operations to other countries in the region over the next few years.

The Group´s internationalization strategy has been one of the pillars of growth and innovation, taking advantage of all the learning, knowhow ,experience and technology that has already been developed and customized for more than 10 years.