Our Businesses

The Listo Group was created with the purpose of promoting digital transformation in SMEs. To this end, we invested in building a cloud based technology platform that simplifies people’s interaction and resistance with technology by embarking financial solutions, giving millions of people access, who are not served through traditional channels.

Our business is structured into 3 units.

Our cloud-based ERP, focused on SMB merchants offering embedded financial services.

Our acquiring platform, developed entirely using cloud based technology with different payment methods.

Our licensed digital banking platform built to primarily meet the needs of SME customers and, subsequently their consumers.

The Group specializes in the automotive value chain serving more than 100,000 retailers in various business segments in the countries where it operates.

Furthermore, we are always attentive to new opportunities, seeking partners to expand our operations in different segments and countries. To this end, the Group structured a multidisciplinary technology team focused on developing solutions that range from defining the software architecture to implementing products for our partners. If you are interested, contact us.